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Mental health crisis spawned by coronavirus fears and lockdown could be next pandemic

By Hollie McKay

It’s poised to be the next pandemic: a mental health crisis, induced not only by the trauma of the novel coronavirus but the ramifications of lengthy lockdowns, lost livelihoods and exacerbated stress, isolation and addiction.

Offset coronavirus blues through moderate sun exposure

By Kayla Rivas

As the coronavirus outbreak drones on, getting a little sun could prove beneficial to your health. Sunlight has known effects for boosting the mind and body, which could be helpful in a time that has left millions of Americans jobless or grieving the loss of loved ones to COVID-19. 

Coronavirus job loss, 'psychological micro-traumas' likely to cause uptick in mental health calls, expert says

By Alexandria Hein

Based on trends one expert has seen after past crises that Americans have lived through, he said he expects to see a “transient increase” in the number of people reaching out for mental health help.

Addict-turned-recovery advocate talks drug and alcohol abuse during coronavirus

By Morgan Phillips

“It’s a pandemic within a pandemic” ex-con and former addict Tim Ryan says of the mental health crisis brought on by coronavirus lockdowns. 

Experiencing coronavirus-related nightmares? Expert explains β€˜pandemic dreams’

By Alexandria Hein

The many unknowns surrounding COVID-19, and the lack of certainty about when this may be over is causing stress and anxiety that many are seeing seep into their dreams, prompting the hashtag #PandemicDreams.

Working from home during coronavirus: How to avoid burnout

By Alexandria Hein

What may have once been exciting and interesting work in an office setting may now seem dull and monotonous without face-to-face interaction, which can signal impending burnout.

Coronavirus and toilet paper: What drives people to 'panic-buy'?

By Alexandria Hein

Officials have urged Americans to stop hoarding supplies and to keep those who may not have the needs or ability to purchase such products in mind, but the unknowns about the ever-evolving situation is still driving thousands to the stores to stock up.