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Maryland man reels in record-breaking mahi mahi

By Vandana Rambaran

A Maryland fisherman said his rod "went crazy" Tuesday as he reeled in a record-breaking Mahi Mahi, ousting another fish that had held the spot for over three decades. 

Starfish looks like ravioli, goes viral

By Isobel Whitcomb

If this starfish is making your mouth water, you're not alone. When a photo of Plinthaster dentatus went viral on Twitter last week, pasta-lovers did a double take — the sea star looked just like a piece of ravioli.

Sturgeon, America's forgotten dinosaurs, are showing signs of life

CHARLES CITY, Va. (AP) — Sturgeon were America's vanishing dinosaurs, armor-plated beasts that crowded the nation's rivers until mankind's craving for caviar pushed them to the edge of extinction.

Key to understanding aliens might be unlocked by octopus' tentacles

By Chris Ciaccia

The key to understanding E.T. might be as simple or as complex as understanding a creature on Earth we know very little about — the octopus.

Bizarre clam eats rocks for breakfast

By Laura Geggel

Rocks might not sound like a delectable meal to most life-forms, but it's on the menu for a newly identified species of a plump, bizarre-looking clam.

Rare giant squid spotted in Gulf of Mexico, 'amazing' video shows

By Nicole Darrah

Researchers last week captured a huge squid in the Gulf of Mexico as part of rare footage that biologists have described as "the most amazing video you've ever seen."