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Apple’s iPhone 11 event: What to expect

By James Rogers

All eyes will be on Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, Calif., next week when the tech giant launches its latest iPhones.

Grand jury indicts 8 Netflix wannabes who claimed to have more content than Netflix, Hulu

By Brooke Crothers

Eight people were charged by a federal grand jury with running two large-scale, illegal TV and movie streaming services, the Department of Justice said this week.

Drones increasingly used in Africa to save people's lives, deliver blood samples to labs

By Paul Tilsley

It is understandable that when people think of drones in Africa, their mind immediately goes to the unmanned aerial vehicles used by the U.S. to track down and kill Islamic militants in Somalia, or fighters in Libya. But there is a mushrooming use of drones on the continent that is entirely peaceful - and positive. Such experience is now also being applied in the U.S.

Al Qaeda mocks terror rival ISIS by leaking 'blooper' reel

By Melissa Leon

Al Qaeda has leaked a video of outtakes featuring an Islamic State fighter in Yemen trying to renew his allegiance, only to be interrupted by a loud bird that causes him to forget what he is saying.