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Bernie Sanders campaign staffer departs after anti-Semitic, other offensive tweets surface: reports

By Dom Calicchio

A newly hired community organizer for the Bernie Sanders campaign has left just days after taking the job – reportedly because some of his past tweets contained anti-Semitic and homophobic statements, as well as derogatory remarks about women and Asians.

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Israel blasts European Court of Justice ruling to label settlement products

By Talia Kaplan

Israeli officials are blasting the European Union’s announcement that goods from Jewish settlements in the country must be specifically labelled, with Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations saying, “Anti-Semitism in Europe now has legal cover.”

German city of Dresden declares it has β€˜Nazi emergency’

By Lucia Suarez Sang

A city in eastern Germany has declared to have a “Nazi emergency,” after allegedly experiencing a rise in anti-democratic and far-right extremist views and even violence.

Anti-Semitism linked to fatal German synagogue shooting that left 2 dead, suspect in custody

By Nicole Darrah

A shooting near a synagogue in Germany on Wednesday that left two people dead was a hate crime, according to a top security official, who said prosecutors believe the attack might've been spurred anti-Semitism and far-right motives.