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Atlanta mayor says Wendy's occupied by protesters will be cleared after shootings; 8-year-old girl killed

By Bradford Betz

After a night of a dozen shootings, including one in which an 8-year-old girl was killed, Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms on Sunday said protesters may no longer occupy the Wendy’s where a police officer fatally shot Rayshard Brooks last month.

Record-high background checks indicates public fear over 'defund police' movement, gun-rights activist says

By Yael Halon

Firearm-related background checks reached 3.9 million in June, the most since the tracking system was created more than two decades ago, because "people are being hit with a hard dose of reality" amid calls to "defund" the police,​​​​​​​ gun-rights activist Colion Noir said Sunday.

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Kathy Barnette: Police misconduct isn’t biggest problem facing black Americans – here’s what is

By Kathy Barnette

We watch as primarily white liberals come into predominately black communities and tell us what our problems are and how to fix them. And now they have decided that our chief problem is policing that discriminates against us.

Atlanta investigators identify suspect in Wendy's arson case

By Nick Givas

Atlanta arson investigators said Saturday they've identified a female suspect who is being sought in connection with a Wendy's fire that was set after the shooting death of Rayshard Brooks.

UK suspect arrested after stabbing attack, police say

By Nick Givas

Local authorities in England issued several tweets on Saturday, regarding details of a stabbing attack that injured several people and ended with one arrest, according to police. 

Manhunt underway after officer killed, another wounded in New Zealand: report

By Nick Perry

An unarmed police officer was shot and killed and another was wounded after they tried to pull over a car in New Zealand's largest city Friday morning, police said. A large search was being conducted in Auckland for the alleged shooter and another person who escaped in a second car.

Portland man who shot himself in groin, falsely claimed homeless man robbed him, gets prison

By Louis Casiano

A Portland, Ore., man who falsely blamed an accidental gunshot wound to the groin on a homeless man was sentenced Monday to nearly six years in federal prison. 

Trump calls shooting death of Rayshard Brooks 'very disturbing'

By Andrew O'Reilly

President Trump on Monday called the shooting death of Rayshard Brooks by Atlanta police over the weekend “very disturbing” in his first public comment on the incident.