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Medicare fraud cases settled for $7.1M after knee braces, injections deemed unnecessary

By Vandana Rambaran

Seven former Osteo Relief Institute clinics accused of billing Medicare for unnecessary knee braces and injections to treat osteoarthritis have agreed to pay more than $7.1 million in a settlement, the U.S. Justice Department announced Friday.

Honduran president's brother convicted in drug conspiracy, witnesses accuse president of enabling

By Morgan Phillips

A New York City jury convicted the brother of the Honduran president Friday on cocaine trafficking charges in a massive drug conspiracy case. Prosecutors said he relied on “state sponsored drug trafficking” enabled by his brother, the Central American leader. 

Florida boy, 5, battling aggressive brain cancer gets to patrol with Coast Guard, police

By Melissa Leon

A 5-year-old Florida boy who is battling aggressive brain cancer got to live his dream last week when the Coast Guard, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and several local law enforcement teams joined forces to make his wish come true -- become an honorary marine officer and go on a ride with the Coast Guard.

Navy veteran's family plans to sue VA over suspicious hospital death ruled a homicide

By Vandana Rambaran

The family of an 87-year-old U.S. Navy veteran who died suddenly in June 2018 -- reportedly due to a wrongfully administered insulin dose at a Veterans Affairs hospital in West Virginia -- plans to sue the federal Department of Veterans Affairs over the death, which has been ruled a homicide.

Japanese pop star's 'avid fan' used pupil image reflections to stalk, assault her: police

By Talia Kaplan

 An “avid fan” was arrested on suspicion of stalking a female Japanese pop star after allegedly using the reflections of her pupils in photos she shared on social media, then using Google Street View to find where she lived, police said.

10 Americans were in German synagogue as gunman tried to get in: ambassador

By Melissa Leon

There were 10 Americans inside a synagogue in Germany when a gunman unsuccessfully tried to enter before killing two people outside the building on Wednesday, the U.S. ambassador to Germany said.

Oklahoma boy, 3, wows police with his uniform

By Vandana Rambaran

A cute prospective three-year-old police recruit stood tall to meet members of a local police department in Oklahoma City Tuesday and show off his tiny uniform.

Ex-hospice nurse accused of taking morphine intended for dying vets is arrested

By Barnini Chakraborty

Federal prosecutors on Wednesday accused a former hospice nurse of stealing liquid morphine intended for dying veterans, which at least once led to prolonged suffering of a vet during the last days of his life.

Solid gold toilet worth $1M named 'America' stolen from Winston Churchill's birthplace

By David Aaro

Police are on the hunt for a solid gold working toilet valued at over $1 million that was stolen overnight on Saturday at Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire, England, causing damage and flooding at the birthplace and ancestral home of Winston Churchill.

Missouri AG refers 12 former Catholic priests for potential prosecution after abuse probe

By Morgan Phillips

Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt announced Friday that his office had referred 12 former Roman Catholic priests for possible criminal prosecution following a 13-month probe of how diocesan leaders handled allegations of child abuse. 

Florida day care worker charged in death of 2-year-old left in hot van, officials say

By Talia Kaplan

A Florida day care worker, who reportedly failed to follow protocol and switched off a safety alarm in the van she was driving, has been charged in the July death of a 2-year-old boy who'd been left in the sweltering vehicle for hours.