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NYPD union leader sides with ICE against de Blasio over β€˜sanctuary’-tied murder: β€˜He owns this’

By Adam Shaw

A top New York Police Department union official on Friday called on Mayor Bill de Blasio to “own” the consequences of the city’s sanctuary policies -- while insisting officers want to be allowed to work with federal immigration enforcement -- after an illegal immigrant who was freed in November is alleged to have sexually assaulted and murdered a 92-year-old woman.

Days-old baby abandoned in Greek trash bin is found alive, in good health

By Nick Givas

A woman was arrested by Greek police on Wednesday after allegedly abandoning her baby boy in a dumpster, and stands accused of attempted infanticide, authorities said. 

Arkansas police officer 'executed' in fatal shooting outside department, chief says

By Travis Fedschun

A police officer in Arkansas was shot and killed behind a police department late Saturday night before the suspected shooter was gunned down by responding officers in a nearby alley, according to officials.

Louisiana sheriff’s deputy, junior-high teacher wife held on child rape and porn charges: reports

By Dom Calicchio

Photos showing the married suspects nude with a child were among the items authorities seized when a longtime sheriff’s deputy and a junior high school teacher were arrested this week on child rape and pornography charges, according to a report.

Florida boy, 5, battling aggressive brain cancer gets to patrol with Coast Guard, police

By Melissa Leon

A 5-year-old Florida boy who is battling aggressive brain cancer got to live his dream last week when the Coast Guard, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and several local law enforcement teams joined forces to make his wish come true -- become an honorary marine officer and go on a ride with the Coast Guard.

Oklahoma boy, 3, wows police with his uniform

By Vandana Rambaran

A cute prospective three-year-old police recruit stood tall to meet members of a local police department in Oklahoma City Tuesday and show off his tiny uniform.