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Southern Methodist University removes cultural survey

A Southern Methodist University survey that asks questions such as "Why are black people so loud?" and "Do black people hate America?" has been taken down following up to 100 complaints.

Yale being probed by DOE, accused of 'toxic environment against men'

By Caleb Parke

The Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights (OCR) is investigating Yale University after a male student from another school filed a Title IX complaint in February, accusing the Ivy League institution of a “toxic environment against men.”

Professor rebuked after vowing to boost female students' grades to offset gender imbalances

By Gregg Re

University of Akron officials have blocked a professor from carrying out his plan to raise female students' grades as part of what he called a "national movement to encourage female students to go to information sciences."

Academics protest 'media harassment' against Junot Diaz

Author Rebecca Walker and some two dozen educators from Harvard, Stanford and other schools are protesting what they call a "media-harassment campaign" against Junot Diaz.

PETA lawsuit says Texas university hid Facebook comments


An animal rights group is accusing Texas' largest university of hiding Facebook comments in a First Amendment lawsuit.

Teens' experience shows campus reality for Native Americans


The experience of two Native American teenagers pulled from a tour at Colorado State University has highlighted the complications that youth from tribal communities often must navigate in mainstream settings, such as college campuses.

Against the odds: 3 black doctors detail journey to success


When three young black men entered Xavier University of Louisiana in 1998 to become doctors, they knew the odds were stacked against them.

Fall of edgy author Diaz disappoints, confounds followers


Long before an emotional public disclosure of his childhood rape, or the allegations of his own sexual misconduct that followed, author Junot Diaz was a pioneering and polarizing figure.