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Nikki Haley dubbed 'early frontrunner' for GOP in 2024, gets apology from Dallas-area GOP: report

By Danielle Wallace

Nikki Haley received an apology Thursday from the Dallas County Republican Party, after an emailed invitation for a fundraising event she is scheduled to attend next month described her as “the early frontrunner for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination,” according to a report.

Oklahoma judge reduces penalty against Johnson & Johnson in opioid crisis lawsuit

By Morgan Phillips

An Oklahoma judge reduced the amount Johnson & Johnson must pay to help alleviate the state’s opioid crisis by $107 million due to a miscalculation.

Texas woman’s workout triggers potentially deadly condition

By Madeline Farber

A Texas woman’s workout triggered a rare but potentially deadly condition that required her to be hospitalized, according to a local report. 

Texas boy recovering from dog mauling after multiple surgeries: reports

By Dom Calicchio

A 9-year-old Texas boy has been cleared to go home Friday after undergoing multiple surgeries following a dog attack, according to reports.

Officer-involved shooting reported at El Paso Walmart

Authorities in El Paso, Texas, late Wednesday responded to reports of a shooting at a Walmart on the city's outskirts, according to local media.

Arizona leads country in West Nile virus deaths: CDC

By Madeline Farber

Arizona is leading the country this year in terms of West Nile virus deaths, according to a recent tally from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Thailand frees falsely accused US Navy veteran from prison

By Morgan Phillips

A U.S. Navy veteran who spent more than a year locked up in maximum-security Thai prison for a crime he did not commit finally returned to his home in Texas Wednesday.