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A Call for Investors to Put Their Money Toward a Green Future

By Paul Sullivan

For wealthy Davos men and women, as well as people from less rarefied air, targeted investing is one way to force change on carbon-emitting companies.

Why Europe Is Finally Paying Attention to Libya

By Steven Erlanger and Matina Stevis-Gridneff

As potential oil and gas bonanzas intensify the jockeying over Libya and the fate of its precarious internationally backed government hangs in the balance, the Continent is suddenly getting involved.

New cars still way behind in reaching EU emission standards by 2021

By Victor Miget

While the European Union has set a limit of 95g/km for new vehicles, with one year to go before the deadline, manufacturers are stagnating at 122g/km according to AAA Data. EURACTIV's partner le Journal de l'environnement reports.

We Can’t Slow Climate Change Without the Energy Companies

By Ted Halstead

Bigger and faster emissions reductions are possible if environmentalists and industry work together.

Trump’s Move Against Landmark Environmental Law Caps a Relentless Agenda

By Lisa Friedman

The White House, hoping to speed infrastructure projects like pipelines, will formally introduce changes to a half century-old landmark environmental law.

Stocks Fall as U.S.-Iran Tensions Mount

By Alexandra Stevenson

Harsh rhetoric between Tehran and Washington spooked investors, sending global stocks down and oil and gold prices higher.

Oil Prices Jump After U.S. Kills Iranian Military Leader

By Alexandra Stevenson and Stanley Reed

Analysts warned that the airstrike on an Iranian commander raises the prospect of volatility within Iran and Iraq, two major oil producers.

Turkey, Flexing Its Muscles, Will Send Troops to Libya

By Carlotta Gall

A new wrinkle in the battle for an oil-rich country, and a signal from President Erdogan that Turkey aims to be a power broker in a volatile region.

Japan to Deploy Destroyer to Middle East

By Ben Dooley

The rare overseas mission follows an attack on a Japanese oil tanker and increased American pressure to play a more active role in the region.