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U.S. Bars Sri Lankan Army Chief Accused of War Crimes

By Maria Abi-Habib and Dharisha Bastians

The sanctions are the first international action against Sri Lanka stemming from its brutal civil war. Several members of the new government are also accused of wartime abuses.

U.S. Supports Aid to North Korea for Fighting the Coronavirus

By Choe Sang-Hun

The North has reported no cases of the virus, but relief groups say it is woefully unprepared to deal with an outbreak.

Cambodia stages PR stunt with passengers of β€˜coronavirus’ cruise ship

By Georgi Gotev

Passengers on a cruise ship that was turned away from ports around Asia over fears they could be carrying the new coronavirus finally began disembarking in Cambodia on Friday (14 February). Cambodia’s strongman premier Hun Sen welcomed around 100 tourists...

U.S. Supports Aid to North Korea for Fighting the Coronavirus

By Choe Sang-Hun

The North has reported no cases of the virus, but relief groups say it is woefully unprepared to deal with an outbreak.

Rights court clears Spain over Melilla migrant pushbacks

By Georgi Gotev

Spain committed no violation when it expelled migrants trying to force their way onto EU territory by scaling fences in a North African enclave, the European Court of Human Rights ruled Thursday (13 Fenruary). The ruling, which reverses an earlier...

Commission: Yemen is the world’s biggest humanitarian crisis

By Georgi Gotev

Obstruction by the rebel Huthi authorities in northern Yemen has put the world's biggest humanitarian lifeline at risk, threatening millions with starvation.

Charles Murray Returns, Nodding to Caution but Still Courting Controversy

By Parul Sehgal

In “Human Diversity,” Murray criticizes what he sees as the central tenets of a stifling orthodoxy in the social sciences: Gender is a construct; race is a construct; and class is a function of privilege.

Sarah Lawrence Parent Accused of Sex Trafficking and Abusing Students

By Benjamin Weiser and William K. Rashbaum

Lawrence Ray was charged with moving into his daughter’s dormitory and targeting her friends for exploitation.

Boat Packed With Rohingya Refugees Capsizes Off Bangladesh

By Daniel Victor

At least 15 people drowned, reports said. One official said the 50-person boat was carrying 130 away from refugee camps.

Some Experts Worry as a Germ-Phobic Trump Confronts a Growing Epidemic

By Michael Crowley

When President Barack Obama contended with an Ebola outbreak, Mr. Trump demanded measures like canceling flights, forcing quarantines and even denying the return of American medical workers.

In Fight to Stop Human Trafficking, Nuns Take to the Streets

By Elisabetta Povoledo

To mark the sixth annual international day of prayer and awareness against human trafficking, nuns and lay people took to the streets.

Black Workers’ Wages Are Finally Rising

By Jeanna Smialek, Ben Casselman and Demetrius Freeman

After a decade of stagnation, black and African-American workers have seen pay increase. One man’s story shows the hope — and limitations — with that shift.

Navy Secretary Pushed Out by Trump Says He’ll Endorse Bloomberg

By Helene Cooper

Richard Spencer, ousted as Navy secretary after he publicly disagreed with President Trump’s intervention in a war crimes case involving a Navy SEAL, is a lifelong Republican.

Former Mississippi Welfare Director Charged With Embezzling Millions

By Neil Vigdor

John Davis, who last year retired from the Department of Human Services, used some of the funds to pay for Brett DiBiase, a former professional wrestler, to go to drug rehab, the state auditor said.

Five empty chairs remind of Cuba’s regime true nature

By Anders L. Petersson and Erik Jennische

The EU needs to change strategy if it wishes to stand for democracy in Cuba, by opening up to independent civil society, write Anders L. Petersson and Erik Jennische.