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Trump Opens Door to Cuts to Medicare and Other Entitlement Programs

By Alan Rappeport and Maggie Haberman

The president signaled a willingness to scale back Medicare, a shift from his 2016 platform of protecting welfare programs.

Kansas and Kansas State Brawl in a Blowout

By Victor Mather

There is discipline expected for a fracas that spilled from the court into fan seating. No one appeared to be hurt.

Bernie Sanders Has Narrow Lead in New National Poll

By Matt Stevens

The survey, conducted for CNN, is the first national debate-qualifying poll showing Mr. Sanders in the lead. Joe Biden was close behind in the poll and led another.

Impeachment Trial Schedule Explained

By Michael D. Shear

The rules adopted by the Senate early Wednesday lay out a timeline for a trial that could be over in two weeks — or stretch much longer.

Time to restore our forest heritage, not plant more lonely trees

By Peter Wohlleben

Donald Trump surprised environmentalists when he announced the US would join the World Economic Forum’s one trillion tree planting initiative, writes Peter Wohlleben. However such schemes can turn into disasters if they aren't implemented the right way, he warns.

Future of Europe: What happens if a majority of citizens asks for β€˜less Europe’?

By Georgi Gotev

“That’s a very interesting question. If there will be a majority of them, we will follow”, Commission Vice President Dubravka Šuica said on Wednesday (22 January), on what would happen if a majority of citizens would ask for “less Europe”.

With His Fourth Book, Charles Yu Finally Feels Like a Writer

By Adam Sternbergh

“Interior Chinatown” explores Asian-American stereotypes, something that captivated the novelist and TV writer as he thought about stars, supporting characters and who gets to play the lead.

Envisioning a Champions League on Tour, a Soccer Investor Demands More for His Money

By Tariq Panja

The International Champions Cup, which brings Europe’s top clubs to North America, has been lucrative for the teams but not the organizer. Now there is a threat to end the event unless teams agree to make the competition more serious.

Stubbornness, as Much as Skill, Kept Derek Jeter on Top

By David Waldstein

He was talented and driven, sure. But Jeter was defined more by an unyielding ability to play the game, and carry himself, on his own terms.

Facebook β€˜on the side of free expression’ as EU steps up disinformation fight

By Samuel Stolton

Social media giant Facebook has warned against curtailing freedom of expression as the EU considers measures to clamp down on disinformation campaigns across online platforms.

EU lagging far behind on flu jab coverage goal

By Gerardo Fortuna

No EU country has yet reached the 75% target for seasonal influenza vaccination coverage rates among elderly people and at-risk groups, which was set by the EU Council in 2009.

Top Hungarian lawyer accuses PM Orban of harming rule of law

By Georgi Gotev

Hungary's top defence lawyer accused Prime Minister Viktor Orbán on Tuesday (21 January) of undermining the rule of law through his refusal to accept two court decisions that require payouts of state funds.

Chinese City Uses Facial Recognition to Shame Pajama Wearers

By Amy Qin

Local officials apologized, but the crackdown on a common — and comfortable — practice has raised a rare outcry over privacy in a country accustomed to surveillance.

Biden and Sanders Trade Attacks Over Honesty and Social Security

By Katie Glueck

A day after they seemed to have brokered a truce, Joe Biden released a video criticizing “Bernie’s negative attacks” and Bernie Sanders responded with one blasting his rival’s record on Social Security.