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Beirut explosion: US military sends 3 cargo planes to Lebanon filled with medical supplies

By Danielle Wallace

The U.S. military is sending three cargo planes to Lebanon filled with food, water and medical supplies, the U.S. Central Command announced in a statement Thursday two days after a massive explosion in the capital city of Beirut left at least 157 dead and some 5,000 injured.

Ex-Saudi intelligence official accuses Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in lawsuit of ordering torture, assassination

By Hollie McKay

A former Saudi minister of state and intelligence official has filed an explosive lawsuit against Mohammed bin Salman (MBS), Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, alleging that he “orchestrated an ongoing multi-year conspiracy by a Saudi government-sanctioned ‘death squad’ to torture and assassinate” the ex-intel officer on both U.S. and Canadian soil.

ECB committed to stimulus with outlook β€˜highly uncertain’, chief economist says

By Beatriz Rios

The European Central Bank is committed to supporting the euro zone's economy amid the coronavirus pandemic, using its massive bond purchases as its main tool, chief economist Philip Lane said on Tuesday (4 August).

Cultural genocide? What China is doing in Tibet today

By Hollie McKay

While much of the international community has turned its attention to the abuses taking place against the Uighur Muslims in the Chinese province of Xingang – some activists are also pointing to the human rights horrors against Buddhists in Tibet – a decades-long conflict that has long tumbled from the limelight.

Report: Taliban allowing Al Qaeda training camps and providing support, despite U.S. agreement to cut all ties

By Hollie McKay

Just months after the U.S. signed a controversial “peace deal” with the Taliban as a means to ending the long-running war in Afghanistan – predicated on the notion that the insurgent group would not provide safe-haven to Al Qaeda – local officials are expressing concern that the terrorists are reigning freely in various corners of the country.

CAP tracker: Mapping the latest movements on EU farming policy

By Gerardo Fortuna, Natasha Foote

Welcome to EURACTIV’s CAP tracker, your one-stop shop for all the latest developments on the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). Be sure to check back here regularly for your weekly update on all things CAP, including the latest movements on the...

Bittersweet budget: what changes for CAP after EU summit deal

By Gerardo Fortuna

The final deal on the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) spending that came out of the EU summit in July left a bittersweet taste: the much-feared cuts were not avoided but numbers were improved compared to the Commission's 2018 proposal.